Program Information

June 3 ~ June 28th, 2024 (FULLY ONLINE)

Important Information

Class Format

Class Schedule

From Mondays to Wednesdays, students will take Previously Recorded Lectures to cover the main topics of classes.   

On Thursdays, professors will have synchronous lectures to interact with the class. 

On Fridays, the teaching assistants who assign to a certain course will work with the professor to lead the Synchronous Discussion Session

Professor will have a synchronous Office Hour (by appointment) for two hours every week to answer any questions students in the class may have. 

Professor will have a two-hour synchronous Review Session before mid-term and final exams for students in the class.

Class Hours

Previously Recorded Lectures: 2 hours each day from Mondays to Wednesdays, 6 hours per week, 24 hours in the program.

Synchronous Discussion Session: 2 hours each day from Thursday to Friday, 4 hours per week, 16 hours in the program. 

Office Hour: 2 hours per week, 8 hours in the program. 

Review Session: 2 hours for each exam, 4 hours in the program.

Total Class Hours: 52 Hours

Students are expected to work with class readings, assignments or group study outside the class for the same amount of lecture time, but extral curriculum hours are subject to change in different courses or different instructor requirements.

Application Period

~ June, 2024

Tuition Fee

500,000 KRW per course (400 USD)