2023 ISS

The 2023 International Summer Session was held with enthusiastic students under the hot sun. We had a total of three field trips, starting with the first week in Yong-in. Students enjoyed healing time at Caribbean Bay, Everland, and Yongin Recreational Forest. The second week took us to Seoul, exploring Lotte World and Gyeongbokgung Palace, bringing us closer together. For the final week, we experienced rural life in Yangpyeong, engaging in various activities such as water play and making traditional Korean pa-jeons to immerse ourselves in Korean culture. At the closing ceremony, every student had tears in their eyes. 

Field Trip Video : link

Wrap up Video : link

2022 ISS

The 2022 ISS marked the returned of in-person classes and activities for the ISS Program despite the lingering presence of COVID-19. There were three field trips that took place to Everland and a traditional Korean Village, as well as a Temple Stay, Nami Island, and various parks and barbecues with students.

2021 ISS

In 2021, we adjusted to the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic and were able to develop courses for a special and unique, online learning experience. This was not only the first time that the ISS has been offered in such a format, but one that was custom developed using the CMS Moodle. Our site, the Moodle platform, and the designs of the online courses were developed in house by a professional educational technology specialist and online course designer working in the Office of International Admissions and Management.  

2020 ISS

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the 2020 ISS was cancelled since we did not have proper time ro prepare for operating the session amid the unstable conditions of the pandemic.  This was an unfortunate reality for most schools around the world. We decided, however, the plan for offering the ISS in an online format for the following 2021 session in order to provide students interested in Asian and Korean studies the ability to continue pursuing their education in this field.

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