1. Introduction


IAUSS is a leading international academic course platform providing opportunities and services that enable global learning for college students. The headquarter of IAUSS is in New York, and there are 3 branches in Europe and Asia to better serve international students all over the world. With the vision of “education without borders, future without boundaries”, IAUSS is dedicated to supporting the life-cycle of student learning within a global context by partnering with top universities around the world to provide students superior-quality academic programs. IAUSS has offered excellent educational experiences to more than 20,000 students since 2015.

With the mission to empower and inspire future generations of global citizens and leaders through the power of international education and global communication, IAUSS seeks to support millions more students in the future.


High quality academic courses covering all disciplines with transferable credits are accessible to HUFS students.

Website : www.iauss.org 

About IAUSS Professors

By working with IAUSS, we provide opportunities for HUFS students to study with international professors who are passionate educators and respected field experts.